Private/Incognito browser window from visual studio

During the course of your development, we often clear cookies , cached data from our browsers to test our application. Such a waste of productive time.

What if Visual Studio always opened the browser window in private/incognito mode. To enable that follow the below steps.

VS detects the browsers installed and shows them to you for to browse with.




To Add Firefox(private) into this list.

  • Click Add
  • Fill up the details as shown below.
  • Set as Default if required.


  • For chrome to open up in incognito mode.
Internet Explorer


Clone Git Repository using Visual Studio

How do you clone a Git repository using visual studio? Well it’s super easy. If you are using visual studio 2012 , then you should install Visual Studio Tools for Git .

Note: Visual Studio 2013 includes Git tools by default so these tools are not needed.

Following are the steps to Clone  Git Repository using Visual studio.

  • Navigate to Team Explorer -> Click on the plug icon to Connect to Team Projects .


  • You should be seeing a list of all Git Repositories. Click on Clone .


  •  Next step is to get the Clone Url from github. You can find the url on the right on the home page of every github project.


  • Paste the url.


  • Click on Clone to start cloning . Once the cloning is done, you can access the solution from Solution explorer.