Create a SIngle page application- the easy way

I have been working with AngularJS since few months now, it would have been more if I not for John papa’s Hot Towel Nuget package.

The Nuget package saved so many hours of plumbing work and it works like a dream. I was able to create a Single page app within seconds. Sounds crazy . Not at all. Here’s how you do it.

  • Go to Visual Studio -> Create New Project.
  • Select ASP.NET Web Application. I Chose an Empty template.
  • createempty
  • click ok to create your web app.
  • Here comes the fun part.
  • Search for the following nuget package and install it on your solution.
  • addhtnuget
  • It will install all the required files.
  • installhtnuget
  • And That’s all. Press F5 to access your SPA.
  • spadone