Private/Incognito browser window from visual studio

During the course of your development, we often clear cookies , cached data from our browsers to test our application. Such a waste of productive time.

What if Visual Studio always opened the browser window in private/incognito mode. To enable that follow the below steps.

VS detects the browsers installed and shows them to you for to browse with.




To Add Firefox(private) into this list.

  • Click Add
  • Fill up the details as shown below.
  • Set as Default if required.


  • For chrome to open up in incognito mode.
Internet Explorer


Visual Studio shortcuts that save time and increase productivity


If you are like me and spend most of the day in front of visual studio, the following shortcuts can save you a lot of time and increase your over all productivity. if you can save lets say 5 mins daily, you will end up having 25 mins more during you week for your other activities.

Please note these are just the shortcuts I use regularly and saved me a lot of time. 🙂

  • ctrl + ,   :  Helps you find a file in your solution if you remember some part of the name, instead of navigating deep inside your project structure.
  • Quick launch  : The Quick launch box on the top right is a huge time saver , if you are looking to change any visual studio settings. Read More here.
  •  Ctrl + –  : Most of the time when you are debugging, you are jumping from one file to another and we often loose the track of the files. Ctrl along with – will help you navigate backwards.
  • Startup Page : Most of the time we work on the same solution for days , some times months and it would be great if we could bypass the start up page of visual studio and reach our solution directly. That is possible by selecting “Load last loaded solution” from the options below. You can reach this dialog by using the quick launch on the top right.


Clone Git Repository using Visual Studio

How do you clone a Git repository using visual studio? Well it’s super easy. If you are using visual studio 2012 , then you should install Visual Studio Tools for Git .

Note: Visual Studio 2013 includes Git tools by default so these tools are not needed.

Following are the steps to Clone  Git Repository using Visual studio.

  • Navigate to Team Explorer -> Click on the plug icon to Connect to Team Projects .


  • You should be seeing a list of all Git Repositories. Click on Clone .


  •  Next step is to get the Clone Url from github. You can find the url on the right on the home page of every github project.


  • Paste the url.


  • Click on Clone to start cloning . Once the cloning is done, you can access the solution from Solution explorer.