Typescript – Interfaces

In simple terms, Interfaces provide code contracts which all classes that implement the interface have to follow.

Following is a simple example for a typescript interface and a class implementing the interface.

The above code sample creates an interface named IAnimal which has a property and a function which all animals have. The class Dog implements from this Interface and has to provide definition for the property and the function.

feel free to play withe the code sample here .

Typescript – Classes – Constructors

Classes and constructors are the bread and butter for any object oriented programming language. Following is the code sample on how to create classes and constructors in typescript. Class keyword is used to create a class.

Following creates a new object of type Rectangle.

Typescript – Constructors

The above code can be also done using a constructor, following is how you would create a typescript constructor. the keyword to use here is constructor .

Feel free to play around with typescript using the playground .

Learning typescript

It’s been a week or 2 since I started learning typescript, following are the links which will help you get started.