Azure Storage Logging

You have configured azure storage to work with your application. Next step is to log all the requests that come to your azure storage. The steps are super easy. To Enable logging on your storage account.

  • Navigate to your azure storage account.
  • Click on the configure tab and find the logging section below.


  • Check all the requests you want to log, read/write/ delete on your Tables, Blobs and Queues.
  • Set the Retention policy in days, the number of days you want to keep the analytics data. Setting it 0 means no limit. It’s always good to set a retention period since logs can become large quite fast.
  • Once you enable logging, a blob container called $logs will be created in the same storage account(log files are saved as blobs)
  • I use a Azure Storage Explorer tool to see the contents of my log files.


  • You can also use azure storage client library to work with $logs blob container just like any other container. You can find all the code samples here .

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